Mission Statement

Our mission is to support President Trump and his Administration in achieving his goals, which adhere to and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, re-institute a government that is controlled by the American people, and replace a failed and corrupt political establishment. We participate in a wide-range of political activities to ensure President Trump's re-election, thus guaranteeing the restoration of the rule of law, core values and the moral standards that made America great. As a result, we will Make America Great Again.


Well-known political consultant in the headlines recently, Roger Stone, and Trump's 2016 Ground Campaign Manager, Sid Bowdidge, will present our double-header at Lake Miona Rec Ctr

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IF you are a Villagers For Trump member who is willing to serve on the launch to get Pray Florida booklets into our local churches and participate in a national day of prayer, please contact us at You are invited to please come to the VFT Board Meeting and meet our leaders at Panera Bread - Sumter Landing at 9:00 AM on Wednesday March 13 to learn more.

Sr. Pastor Robert Sutton of Tallahassee's Southwood Baptist Church in Tallahassee and President of the Florida Capitol Connection, a ministry of encouragement to our state legislators, made available Pray Florida -- a 31 Day Prayer Plan for Florida for our community. These guide booklets were also made available to attendees at our recent March 4 Rally.

The goal is to focus MANY in prayer for wisdom that a godly spirit of mind and heart be with those making decisions in our Florida legislature, in positions of leadership in Florida, and with our representatives in Congress. Also among the various daily prayers noted are for our armed services and civilian protectors for safety in our communities from conflict and crimes.

In The Villages, this plan will be encouraged for each day April 1-30, culminating in a Judeo-Christian gathering with speakers, music, and prayer at a date and place to be announced.

Any persons interested in helping their church have these booklets available and participating in this prayer effort, please indicate their request on-line: 


True then, TRUER now. This will help Trump get
RE-ELECTED in 2020!!!

It’s official.

The 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner tickets have gone on sale. The Villagers for Trump Club is supporting the Lincoln Day Dinner, March 16 at Savannah Center, and we want to have our members and guests seated together.  Space is limited, so get yours soon! 

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