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Let's pray this holds but with fairness and justice to all.


Over 8 Million Florida Residents Voted

Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties have made their voices heard. With 100% votes counted in those counties, here are the standings:

  1. Rick Scott
    • Lake County: 60.39 to 39.61
    • Marion County: 61.84 to 38.16
    • Sumter County: 70.94 to 29.06

  2. Ron DeSantis
    • Lake County: 59.72 to 38.85 with 1.42 for other
    • Marion County: 61.29 to 37.06 with 1.66 for other
    • Sumter County: 69.63 to 29.35 with 1.02 for other

Board Positions and Committee Chairmanship for 2019

We have run and won the big 2018 races but now the real work begins to ensure re-election of President Trump and election of Republican candidates to support his agenda to KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

VILLAGERS FOR TRUMP will lead the way with Republican Federated Women in The Villages and the Villages Republican Club to maintain The Villages as a significant force in Florida politics. We need a strong team of leaders and participants to plan and execute strategies, keep up exciting programs with leading conservative thinkers and writers, and reach out to grow our numbers while enjoying new relationships and fun times.

Consider serving on our Board, as Committee Chairs, and joining committee activities in 2019. Please indicate your interest and ask questions about ways you might serve with a note of interest to You will receive a call from one of the members of the Nominating Committee. Current Board Members are eligible for continued service and we will be conducting interviews. The final cut-off date for submitting your note of interest regarding Board positions is December 1st, but our committees have a standing welcome to new participants and fresh ideas.

Thank you for your interest in Villagers For Trump and in the future of Florida and of America.


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It's time to ... AGAIN!

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