A Push for Reform Legislation to Combat Voter Fraud

A Push for Reform Legislation to Combat Voter Fraud
From Berta Ulrich

Please send me anything you have on voter fraud (see list below). I would very much like to contact whomever has done research & send out a Rapid Response to our FL Republicans & clubs to really push for meaningful reform legislation not just superficial show of political pandering. Things like “changing voter dates, standardizing ballots, etc.” are good measures to “clean-up” the process, but will not stop voter fraud.

We need to address the problems of:

✔️ ballots turning up in car trunks, closets, rental vans & out of the magician’s hat after polls close 99% of them going for the Democrats, just enough until they win.

✔️ deadlines being ignored/missed with no consequences.

✔️ voter registrations need to be cleaned up. There needs to be a legal process state-wide, deadlines, audit reviews.

✔️ scrutinize & minimize illegal ballots.

✔️ More Central oversight of elections by SOS, AG, Governor & less “blank check” authority to SOE.

✔️ SOE needs to be investigated & suspended/removed from office when violations are recorded, not years later after Republicans struggle for a razor thin win.

This is just a beginning. We will give credit to everyone involved in this endeavor.

Berta Ulrich

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