A “Trumper” armed with the TRUTH

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha – you poor thing.

Villagersfortrump.org is not a “getting together for fun” club. We are patriot activists. The battle for the hearts and minds of those fellow Americans still blinded by the MSM and the lies of the left is real. One of our club members has taken her place on the front lines of this battle, and stands toe to toe in the public realm with a rebuttal to a classic example of the delusion some people are suffering. This is how activism works. Simply state the facts folks.

In an opinion piece posted HERE  on villages-news.com, titled “Donald J. Trump: An extension of American corruption”, the extent of the delusion suffered by some is on full display. But Villagersfortrump.org club member Billy Tucker could not let such blatantly false narrative go unchecked. Billy posted a scathing rebuttal found HERE , addressing each of Marsha’s points.

Marsha, your view of America today is based on your inability to stop and think for yourself. You seem like a smart woman and I do hope you’ll find your path to peace that the rest of us have found by electing someone who gives a damn about us.

As a fellow “trumper”….Billie…I salute you! Armed with the truth, you made a stand against the spread of the liberal narrative clearly designed and crafted by those who seek to rule over us. You are an example of the kind of activism our club represents. No more are we the silent majority.

Billie Tucker…For your patriotism and courage to make a stand, I offer you the “Trump Thumbs Up” Award!


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