An important article by Author and Patriot Sid Bowdidge-

As the family of four enter the fairgrounds, they hear a familiar voice calling to them. The voice is pleading with them to come and get on the merry-go-round. One of the children asks the Barker if it matters where they get on. He laughs, and leaning down to the child, tells him no, because this merry-go-round only goes to one place. The family then looks at one another inquisitively, wondering what the Barker may have meant. Shrugging their shoulders, they all turn and walk to the ticket booth to buy their tickets.

There, they are met by the same Barker from the carousel. The younger child asks the Barker what his name is. He smiles his big Cheshire cat grin that oozes with insincerity, and announces “my name is Master Huckster Obama, the one and only.

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