An Important article by two-service military veteran and author Wallace Garneau…

The hard left is making a multi-pronged attack against the United States, consisting of 1) climate alarmism, 2) economic activism, and 3) Critical Race Theory.

Just to be clear, I am not attacking all Democrats in this post. The hard left holds the agenda I am going to discuss, but moderates may only support parts of this, or may not support it at all but support people who do, out of a sense of party loyalty.


Climate Alarmism is just getting started. Michael Moore’s new movie, Planet of the Humans, brings up a troubling truth – and one Michael Moore actually gets right. When you total up all of the energy that goes into creating and then using solar panels and wind turbines, these things actually use more fossil fuels than we would use if we just continued using fossil fuels as our energy source.

The primary ingredient in a solar panel is a special piece of glass, produced by taking one part high-quality quartz (which must be mined), and one part coal (which must also be mined). These two ingredients are then melted in a coal-fired furnace, such that they become a kind of glass.

Mining produces a tremendous amount of co2.

Solar panels only work in sunlight, so when it is cloudy, or at night, they produce no energy. Some proponents of solar want to use batteries to store excess power until it is needed. That’s fine, except that those batteries have short shelf-lives, and use a ton of plastic (refined oil) and rare-earth metals (which must be mined).

Speaking of short shelf lives, solar panels must be replaced regularly – each new one being half coal, melted by burning more coal.

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