In the interest of all sides of being informed, Candace Owens, leader of the BLEXIT movement, tells the truth with actual statistics about “systemic racism” in a home video. She also sheds light on martyred George Floyd held up by African-Americans as a role model and someone to aspire to be like expressed at his memorial services. There has also been a short clip on one newscast of a video he had made discouraging the use of guns although it in no way balanced out previous convictions of violence without mercy.

Here is the link to truth as spoken by Candice– it’s 18 minutes but the last part is clearly the most important to African Americans and to whites to better understand their perspective as well– it needs to change to move our country forward!:

Additional statistics and many studies on racism or the actual lack of it shown between police and blacks and whites relative to the history of violence between all parties are noted in this article:

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