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    1. Yes, I am familiar with Mark Taylor’s prophecies regarding Trump being elected, serving two terms, cleaning “the swamp” and much more. Amazing. You can find many of Mark’s interviews on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, many conservative YouTube channels have been censored and deleted . One of my favorites was Mike Adams (the “Health Ranger”), who had 1700+ videos deleted for reasons only YouTube knows.

    2. The Trump prophesies are mentioned in great detail in Steve Strang’s new book, “God and Donald Trump”. The movie “The Trump Prophesy” was shown at the Rialto Theatre Oct. 2 and Oct. 4.

  2. Feel free to publish this article in your newsletter.

    Does the President deserve our Support?

    If we put aside all the swamp attacks and concentrate on the facts the answer is more than ever he deserves our support.

    Frank D. Lovell
    Republican Committeeman Precinct 202
    Inverness, FL.

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      Dear Mr. Lovell
      Thank you for your interest in our club website, and patriotic service to “We The People”. I have published your comment in a post, and it will go out in the Saturday edition of “recent posts” newsletter (published daily at 2PM when new content is posted on the main website).
      Please understand that commenting, as of the time of this reply, is not yet properly moderated by a board approved process. However, I felt the content was worth sharing, so I created the post with the content of your comment. You can find it here:

      As well, you may be interested in participating in the community section of our site, which is still in beta testing. It is a social community site for discussion and sharing. The url is:
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      Thanks in advance,
      Rick Heid

  3. This opportunity to share articles of interest to conservatives is great! I’m not sure that the designation “Community” defines it, but people may click on it out of curiosity.

    Is this feature different from where the article, for example, What Team Are You On? appears? Aren’t both categories of Community and /Articles the same?

    Events by itself would seem to better serve the user. Events with sub-headings of Upcoming and Recent
    would seem appropriate to employ.

    My experience: I filled out everything to register and the next screen was the original blank screen that wiggled for a couple seconds.
    I wanted to post a great article on how Trump’s U.S. economic moves have moved the Global Economy in the direction to benefit our country and other countries in the long run.

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