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    1. An eblast was sent to members on the 21st. It links to this page. Note: This is just sharing info, and you need to determine if you feel this donation site is reliable and funds will be spent as you expect. We have not vetted it, only sharing the offer.
      Vance Jochim, Admin
      GoFundMe account for Building the Wall

  1. 11/1/2018
    This morning I was listening to a morning talk show and, as is the case since his death, there’s a lot of conversation about President George H. W. Bush. Bill Bennett, who served under GHWB, was being interviewed. One of the questions that the commentator asked as ” How would you compare George Herbert Walker Bush to Donald Trump?”

    I think Dr.Bennett`s response was brilliant when he replied, “…the world is an ever changing place, sometimes you need Mother Theresa and sometimes you need Dirty Harry.”

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