Democrats America’s Future?

2018 October 23

Can we take a moment and consider what the Democrats have come out and said that they want?

Elected Democrats encourage people to intimidate and confront Politicians in restaurants and other public places, screaming at them and displaying aggressive behavior. Democrats refuse to enact legislation to fix our immigration policy, which would prevent illegals from crossing our border, and force them to engage in the legal process of immigration like millions of immigrants have done before them.

Democrats encourage thousands of illegals to march on our southern border, which would result in a severe financial burden to all Americans.

Democrats now promote a socialist form of government. They want free universal healthcare, which has failed in every country that has it. Canadians come to America to obtain healthcare. Democrats have publicly stated that there is no room for civility unless they regain power, a direct threat to all Americans. Democrats state they want to raise taxes in order to pay for these free programs that illegal immigrants would be entitled to.

Democrats already have millions of illegals voting in our elections in violation of our laws. Democrats rigged a primary election against one of their own (Bernie Sanders) so Hillary would be assured of winning the primary. Democrats accuse every Republican of being a racist while all along it was they who voted against civil rights. The vast majority of Democratic controlled cities in America are crime ridden, jobless, lacking social services and they have done nothing for decades to correct it.

Democrats propose no solutions to better America, no logical, reasonable or valid platforms in which to further their elections. All Democrats seem capable of doing is offer resistance to our existing governmental structures. Democrats impose regulations, which cripple corporate America resulting in loss of jobs, decreasing wages and the migration of companies to other countries. Democrats cripple our military, bind us to unfair trade agreements with other countries and send financial aid to those countries dedicated to the destruction of America.

Democrats utilize the mass media to distort the truth and promote a platform of lies to advance their agenda. Democrats are incapable of engaging in honest debate on numerous social issues, they have no facts to support their positions so they go on the attack, and they individually attack the opposing candidate rather than attacking the issue at hand with facts.
These are the Democrats; keep this in mind when you vote.

Frank D. Lovell

Republican Executive Committee of Citrus County Precinct 202

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