Does the President deserve our Support?

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Does the President deserve our Support?

If we put aside all the swamp attacks and concentrate on the facts the answer is more than ever he deserves our support.

One only has to take a look at how foreign government’s fully support his foreign policies. Look at what he has done for veterans, the economy, and small business, law enforcement. Illegal immigration has been reduced and he has yet to fully address that issue. Only a year in office and he has already accomplished more for this country than past President’s. Regardless of the left rhetoric these accomplishments cannot be denied.

So what seems to the problem with Congress regarding the President’s legislative attempts? To answer that we have to go back to the campaign where he made a statement no other candidate ever made, he broke the cardinal rule. He said he was going to “Drain the Swamp” and that my friends is the present problem. A politician never mentions the swamp, it’s their major source of personal income, it’s what we all call corruption. So the swamp is fighting back and don’t be confused, the swamp is the only thing in Washington that is bipartisan. All parties are involved in the swamp.

So should we support our President? I believe it is our duty to do so; he has taken on an epic battle, which no one has ever done before. All the attacks against him and the administration directly or indirectly come from the Swamp. It is now on us to contact our Congressional representatives and demand they support the President, to keep his promises and the promises of the Republican Party. It is time for America to stand up for what is right, to clean up government and most of all to Make America Great again.

Frank D. Lovell
Republican Committeeman Precinct 202
Inverness, FL.

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  1. I like your article is very important that we vet new candidates that will be in support of Donald Trump 100% that goes for local county and state because if we don’t do it there it’s only a half a job done. And I believe that the Republican Party is major part of our problem By just supporting them we are supporting the Swamp

    1. Billy Cayce, Regional Director for Citizens For Trump, Nature Coast.
      Nov, 18, 2017
      President Trump is the Republican Party, and for the last 50 years we have let others select our local and national candidates for the General Elections, by not vetting the candidates in the primaries. This mid term primary elections is the most important election in history, because it’s our chance to vet the candidates, so we won’t elect anymore RINOS . It’s our duty to attend political forums, and any club meeting these mid term candidates speak at. Listen carefully to everything they have to say, and check their history, to see if they are telling the truth. Remember Florida is a CLOSED STATE, and if you are not a registered Republican you can no t vote. Citizens For Trump will be putting a list of vetted candidates later in 2018. If you notice every candidate that’s running in this mid term election is a Trump Supporter, and it’s our job as Trump Supporters cull out the RINOS. Together we can help President Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  2. Frank,
    So true. My position is that until the 2018 elections our President will have to fight The Swamp. In Nov. of 2018 we have to vote out Swamp Republicans in The Primaries then obtain a larger majority, both House and Senate, in The General Election – then our President will have a tail wind behind him.
    Best regards,
    Jim Volpe Campaign Chairman Lake County, FL Donald J Trump for President

  3. A response is required

    I am responding to Mr. Jerry Daniels 1-4-18 response to my articles in the Chronicle. In that response he stated he was putting some facts to his opinion. Sadly he failed.

    First Mr. Daniels states he is only aware of one voting investigation. And this may be true, that he is aware of only one, however his awareness needs to be expanded. As revealed in a Justice Watch panel on election fraud ( was the following.

    20 % of the California voting rolls are not clean. In fact they have issued half a million drivers licenses to illegals. which makes them voters because no one checks citizenship. Virginia has 300 illegals on their voting list. There have been voter fraud convictions in Illinois and Texas. Across the country so far there have been 732 convictions in the courts for voter fraud. This clearly disputes Mr. Daniels claims of no evidence. How do they know they voted Democratic? Authorities asked them, simple as that. Even dead people are allowed to vote. The reason this is allowed to happen is because the Obama Justice Department opposed verifying citizenship. Coupled with the fact that states refuse to cooperate with voter fraud verification efforts it leaves the system wide open to abuse.

    Next Mr. Daniels addresses my article on the tax bill. First what I said was “…it favors the average working American. However it does provide relief for corporations and the wealthy.” He states two-thirds of Americans thought it favored businesses and the wealthy. Of course they did, that is all the mainstream media told them, they never got to hear the facts. Sadly Mr. Daniels quotes as his sources the same media that has lied to the people along with a liberal university. In reality 80% of Americans will benefit, we already see the results of what happens when corporations benefit, they raise wages and issue employee bonuses. As for the wealthy, considering they pay the vast majority of taxes maybe they deserve a break as well.

    Mr. Daniels as an independent voter, please think independently. Verify all sources and please stop listening to the mainstream media, which has their own agenda. This country was on the verge of collapse before President trump came into office. How is it in less than a year over 90% of Isis forces are destroyed, illegal immigration has dropped significantly, business is booming, jobs have risen, the economy is booming, the housing market is booming, please ask yourself why wasn’t this done before?

    I’m sorry but I let results form my opinion not the rhetoric being told by the left, words are cheap, results are factual. The reality is considering what this administration has done for this country and it’s citizens to date I am would vote for them again.

    Frank D. Lovell
    Republican Committeeman Precinct 202
    Inverness, FL.

  4. America Needs You

    Why have the Democrats failed to address border security? Democrats are losing Black and Spanish votes, who can they rely on to replace these votes? In a Judicial Watch panel on election fraud was the following. Twenty percent of California voting rolls are not clean. They issued half a million drivers licenses to illegals, which makes them voters because no one checks citizenship. Other states have illegals on their voting list. Across the country so far there have been over 732 convictions for voter fraud. Even dead people are allowed to vote. Recently the Texas Secretary of State’s office discovered that a total of 95,000 individuals identified as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas, 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more Texas elections. The reason this is allowed to happen is because the Obama Justice Department opposed verifying citizenship. For my friends who like to Fact Check, go right ahead.

    And here we have Mueller for two years investigating foreign influence in our election process without one indictment. While the facts are glaring everyone in the face, yet being ignored.

    We are in the process of losing America, as we know it. An educational system that produces people who have ill thoughts against American values, accept socialism and have no knowledge of history. A media that distorts the facts or fails to report them while attacking all conservative notions. Swamp politicians dedicated to making millions for themselves at the cost of the American citizen well being. Who lie to the American public while professing a love of country. Who can sit back while 12,000 illegals march on our southern border and they refuse to enact any law to prevent it.

    Is this the party you want back in power, in control of our government and your life? Is this party acting in the best interests of America? The party who owned slaves, who imprisoned Japanese American citizens in prison camps in the 40’s, who supported Margaret Sanger and The Negro Project, Fact Check that. Is this the party you can trust with your freedoms, your liberty, your well being?

    You have a lot to research and think about and America’s survival depends on you voting in its best interests.

    Frank D. Lovell Republican Executive Committee of Citrus County Precinct 202

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