Requesting ALL Members to Participate

For Free and Fair 2022-24 Elections

Many people are questioning the integrity of our election systems nationwide. We put together a group of local, dedicated volunteers to investigate the situation in Lake County. Based on hundreds of hours of research, we believe that our rights as voters are being violated. We

believe that our election registration system has many voters registered that are not legitimate and that we cannot trust the current system as it is being run.

1) Please read the document below to learn the FACTS. This information

must be investigated, and you can help- it is truly alarming and “over the top”!

2) Contact the following individuals with one simple message (see red below).

3) Please share this information with everyone you know!

This includes residents in other FL counties and in OTHER STATES!

If you made phone calls and sent e-mails

to help us get free and fair elections

please let us know at [email protected]

The message:

STOP participating in the ERIC system and STOP using voting machines.

* Governor Ron DeSantis: [email protected]

* Attorney General Ashley Moody: (This is a form to e-mail)

* Cord Byrd: (850) 245-6500/6000 [email protected]

* Dennis Baxley: (850) 487-5012 (Tallahassee) [email protected]

Sumter County Residents:

* State Rep Brett Hage: (850) 717-5033 (Tallahassee) – (352) 315-4445 (Locally) [email protected]

* Supervisor of Elections Bill Keen: (352) 569-1540 [email protected]

* County Commissioner Doug Gilpin: (352) 689-4400 [email protected]

* County Commissioner Gary Breeden: (352) 689-4400 [email protected]

* County Commissioner Roberta Ulrich: (352) 689-4400 [email protected]

Lake County Residents:

* State Rep Daniel Perez: (850) 717-5116 (Tallahassee) – (305) 442-6800 (Locally)

[email protected]

* Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays: (352) 343-9734 [email protected]

Marion County Residents:

* State Rep Stan McLain: (850) 717-5023 (Tallahassee) – (352) 732-1313 (Locally)

[email protected]

* Supervisor of Elections Wesley Wilcox: (352) 620-3290 [email protected]

We appreciate your help and will keep you updated on future developments.

Thank you,

Lake County Election Integrity & Voter Protection Coalition

The People’s Audit

Villagers For Trump

[email protected]