Golf Cart Parade – Jan 12

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January 12, 2019 @ 3:30 PM America/New York Timezone

Republican Golf Cart Parade with theme


 Date:        Saturday, January 12, 2019

Time:         The Trump Train lines up at 3:30 PM at Barnes & Noble Parking 

                  The Trump Train pulls out to begin the parade at 4:00 PM

Route:       Around the Square at Lake Sumter Landing to La Hacienda Parking

                  Re-group at La Hacienda Parking – Go around Spanish Springs Square

                  Re-group at La Hacienda Parking – Return to Lake Sumter Landing

Attire:       Red or Club shirt and a big smile

Chant:      Build the Wall, Choo – Choo  Build the Wall, Choo – Choo

Cart Décor:   Build the Wall signs homemade or Trump 2020 signs and/or flags

                        12 x 18 Trump 2020 signs will be at a table on sale for $2

Volunteers Needed:  We need 4 people to organize & line up the carts at Barnes & Noble Parking Lot and aid in their departure and 2 more to help re-grouping at La Hacienda Parking Lot.  Please respond in the Comment section at bottom of the homepage with your name, e-mail address, and cell phone number.

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  1. We are visiting the Villages for the 4th year and would like to participate in this parade. Do you have to be a member of the club or can anyone participate as long as you follow the instruction for the golf carts?

  2. What a joke you people are. You are not getting an effing wall. Get over it already. You are what is wrong with this country, pure ignorance and greed, plus your open racism!

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