In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, U.S. congressional candidate and state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) discussed the recent January 6 committee subpoenas to numerous former members of the Trump administration, warning of the legal precedents being set by the Department of Justice (DOJ) — an agency he deemed “rotten to its core” by the scandal-ridden Biden administration, which he accused of weaponizing the FBI against the American people.

Sabatini began with his take on the House select committee’s aim to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot.

“The [committee’s] goal is to try and use process crimes to inflict pain on their [political] enemies because if someone did nothing wrong, it’s easier to just launch an investigation and then try to find fault related to where the process rolls out,” he said.

“Usually, it’s an obstruction charge,” he added.

He also expressed his belief that the commission’s real purpose is actually about “finding ways to entangle people in the law.”

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