2018 October 7

Finally after decades of cover up the Left have revealed it’s true intent as witnessed by the Kavanaugh hearings and their stand on social issues.

They ignored the presumption of innocence, all due process rights, facts that revealed contradictions, denials by witnesses, they continued to twist and ignore facts in pursuit of their agenda. They paid protestors to disrupt the Senate hearings and conduct opposition in the streets. They demanded investigations, which revealed no wrong doing then, accused the FBI of being flawed and controlled by the Republicans. They pursued the Kavanaugh issue with a vengeance while totally ignoring sexual abuse issues against democratic Representative Keith Ellison.
The Democrats have become a party divided, of hate, lies and distorted values. No longer do they value the Rule of Law instead relying on mob actions to achieve their goals. They want a Socialist form of government, to raise taxes, open borders, to give illegal immigrants basic rights all citizens have, including the right to vote.

Their hidden agenda is to have a one-world government. They have no platform to run on, no ideas, plans, agenda to improve the lives of everyday Americans, all they have is hate and oppose the President language. Listen to what they say, how they act, are these the people you want in control of your government? Do you feel comfortable with them being in power, do they represent YOU?

The Democrats are out of control and in fear of the upcoming elections. If they fail to regain political power in November ongoing investigations into their criminal activity will continue and they will be exposed. It is essential for them to regain control so they can stop all the investigations into their attempts to overthrow the 2016 election.

We are at a critical point in America do we continue to live by the Rule of Law, by our Constitution and Bill of Rights or are we willing to let the Lefts mob mentality rule this country? This is what it has come down to the basic survival of our Freedoms. Stand up for the country you grew up in and make the Right choice by voting the Left out of government.

Frank D. Lovell
Republican Executive Committee
of Citrus County Precinct 202


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