Fox News Falters with Trump Rallies

2018 September 27

During the last two Trump Rallies, the Fox News channel side-lined the Trump event and instead broadcast their normally scheduled line-up of talking heads, such as Tucker, Shawn, Laura, etc.

What used to be a clear and open channel to our President now has suddenly been pre-empted by commercial interests and broadcast personalities.

The Trump rallies are the “current” news, while the talking-heads shows just regurgitate recent events – old news.

It’s kind of like side-lining a live football game and instead showing reruns of an earlier game. While Trump Rallies do contain some message similarities, each rally is unique, especially the dynamic Trump-audience feedback.  The spontaneous audience feedback it just amazing to watch.  I can understand that the main stream media refuse to broadcast Trump rallies for fear of providing unfiltered information to their base, but the Fox News re-programming trend is shameful.

Fortunately, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 continue to broadcast all Trump Rallies.  In the meantime, with more Trump Rallies yet to come, I encourage all to contact Fox News management about their dereliction of duty to their viewers.  Just scroll to the bottom of for social media contact information, or just use their “” email address.

John Shewchuk

Is a free lance contributing writer for local media in the North-Central part of Florida. He currently resides in The Villages.

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