Fraudulent ballot harvesting must be banned at the Federal level by Congress

Fraudulent Illegal Alien Voters Poised To Flip Texas Blue In 2020

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Sen. Ted Cruz’s narrow victory over a vapid empty chair known as “Beto” O’Rourke in November 2018 was the canary in the coal mine. How is it possible that the most widely-respected and popular conservatives in the US Senate was nearly upset by a walking, talking socialist houseplant in one of the most reliably red and freedom-loving states?

The answer is simple. Mass legal and illegal immigration are turning America into not-America – a land where a growing mass of the population has no vested interest in living the nation our forefathers built with sweat and blood.

The Texas GOP is sounding the alarm on this early, warning that President Donald Trump will not be able to rely on the Lone Star State’s whopping 38 electoral votes in 2020 unless he devotes new and expensive resources there.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has spoken with state party officials in Texas and agrees with their assessment. The GOP will no longer be able to take Texas for granted in presidential elections. The foreign invaders are grinding the natives underfoot figuratively today. Without a wall, it will be a literal grinding in the lifetimes of our children or grandchildren.

California, for example, is already permanently lost. The state that produced Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan will never send a prominent Republican to the national stage again. It can’t.

The GOP couldn’t even hold onto the reliably “red” Orange County in 2018, due to the Mexican ballot harvesters overwhelming the system. No pro-American Republican will ever be elected Governor of California again, because the state has effectively been turned into part of northern Mexico.

California has effectively seceded from the union already, by openly defying federal laws related to immigration. That will be the fate of Texas very soon unless Washington puts on the brakes.

If you don’t believe that assessment, consider this: America has now absorbed more than 25% of Mexico’s total population. At what point does America stop being America and start turning into a socialist hybrid of Mexico?

In the wake of the 2018 election, Texas officials continue to find evidence of rampant voter fraud carried out by the Democrat Party and its all-too-willing illegal alien constituency.

Democrats and the media would have you believe that illegal aliens are willing to breach our southern border (an act of war), commit the federal felony of identity theft by stealing an American’s social security number… but then they draw the line at vote fraud? Please.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced last week that it has discovered 58,000 non-citizens on the current voter rolls who they know have voted in past elections. So far, they’ve identified a total of 95,000 non-citizens who are registered to vote there.

Ted Cruz defeated the blue houseplant in November by only 215,000 votes. It wouldn’t take much more effort for the win-at-any-cost Democrats to finally tip Texas in their favor – and then the gerrymandering to squeeze Republicans out of office could begin in earnest.

Federal prosecutors continue to indict people in a massive vote fraud ring in Texas from this year as well. Four Hispanic women were arrested when after being accused in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, paid for by a Texas state Democrat Party official.

Prosecutors found so many individual instances of the ringleader falsely filling out ballots that they finally threw in the towel and charged her with a single count of illegal voting. Investigators have also found her forged signature on more than 100 ballots. They have no idea how many false ballots were cast in the 2018 election by this group of busy Democrats.

Given that “ballot harvesting” has become a standard method of voter fraud for the Democrats, it’s a miracle that the GOP didn’t outlaw it at the federal level immediately after last November’s bloodbath.

The question now is whether Americans will continue to stand back and watch as our nation is stolen out from under us, or whether they will demand federal action to stem the tide of legal and illegal immigration.

The empty platitude that “We like LEGAL immigrants” doesn’t cut it with the American people any longer. It’s simple mathematics. Legal and illegal immigrants vote 70% in favor of Democrats. If America continues to bring in 1,000,000-plus foreign voters every year, the GOP is doomed.

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  2. Congress needs to enact laws stopping this illegal practice this year. Illegal aliens have no right to vote in the U.S. ! Voter ID absolutely has to become the law of the land for all elections (local, state and federal) in this country before 2020!

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