Google and YouTube Conservative Supression

BREAKING: Google insider admits YouTube routinely suppresses PragerU videos.

A shocking new video released today exposes how Google/YouTube routinely uses its algorithm to suppress conservative content, namely videos from PragerU and Dave Rubin.

A Google insider told Project Veritas that PragerU videos receive “heightened analysis,” and the artificial intelligence program, Viacon, polices distribution singling PragerU videos out, among others.

This is deeply concerning.

As the exposé reveals, Google is manipulating its algorithms to suppress content specifically from conservatives. Instead of being a platform for all ideas, as it claims to be, Google is now becoming the arbiter of truth, preventing millions of Americans from seeing content that presents a conservative point of view.

This is pure bias, and a step towards eliminating the freedom of speech online.

YouTube/Google currently restricts over 100 PragerU videos, labeling them as “dangerous” and, at times, derogatory content. The tech company also prevents PragerU from monetizing many videos.

However, we are fighting back.

PragerU has a court date in our lawsuit against Google scheduled for August 27th in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The outcome of this case is critical, and it will determine the future of the freedom of speech online for conservatives.

Will you consider making a tax deductible donation today to help PragerU fight Big Tech bias? 

We are prepared to take this fight as far, and for as long as needed, to defend the freedom of speech online for conservatives.

Please stand with us and donate now to ensure that millions of Americans will continue to see content that presents a conservative point of view. 

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