As American families gather around their Thanksgiving dinner tables to give thanks to God almighty and celebrate their yearly holiday traditions, enjoying a bounty of food and shared memories of yesteryear, a pronounced shadow intruder is invading the homesteads of our nation’s people from coast to coast. That intruder is Covid-19 politics.

Scare tactics between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have alienated and altered families and friends. There will be more serious dinnertime conversations at hand besides, “pass the turkey and stuffing, please, and is there any more gravy for my mashed potatoes?”

Even those who don’t like talking politics see the downhill spiral of how dirty politics are involved in the most intimate facets of our American lifestyle and the infliction of the Feds vs. States rights.

While New York state has mandated its citizens to wear masks in public places this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again challenges the federal elite authority, reminding them of the unconstitutional ramifications in the form of fines and lawsuits to ensure the rights of all Floridians.

Among other governors in the sovereign rights department, Florida’s governor leads, and the sunshine state has experienced a massive population increase because of it. No worn-out draconian politics, most pronounced by blue states like New York, California, Illinois, and others, will not work in Florida’s sunny paradise.

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