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Here we go again…..

Editorial by “Shewcheck”

Mark your calendars folks. The eminent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just made a 12-year forecast, saying that during January of 2031 the world will end due to climate change. Al Gore tried a similar prophecy using a 10-year forecast, but the distinguished Alexandria believes she has a better chance of success with a 12-year forecast. She’s blaming climate change, because she’s not quite sure if the world’s end will be caused by global warming or global cooling. But no matter, either way, it’ll make a great movie. The best part is that we’ll no longer need to worry about long-term health care. I wonder … do you think we’ll still have to pay our taxes for the year 2030?

No doubt the eminent Alexandria was tutored by the great Al Gore. Remember, Al is the expert when it comes to climate forecasting. Way back in 2006, Al made a 10-year forecast and predicted the world climate would reach a “tipping point” of no return and that the Arctic ice would completely melt. Just one year later, the global socialists were so impressed that they awarded him the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize — a whopping nine years before the actual forecast event.

So, next year, in keeping with the hugely successful Al Gore forecast appreciation model, I’m sure the renowned Alexandria will also be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Gosh, I hope Al and Alexandria eventually team up with the National Hurricane Center. They wouldn’t even need to make 10 to 12 year forecasts. Just making simple 10 to 12 day hurricane forecasts would certainly let us all sleep better at night. I wonder … do you think they’ll receive Nobel Peace Prizes several days prior to verification of each hurricane forecast?


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