It Wasn’t Satire


President Trump is our Super Hero!

2018 September 20

It’s amazing that some readers believe my articles are satire.

But it’s not their fault. With constant fake news from the main stream media, it’s often difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. But of course, President Trump is our Super Hero. Just watch the Trump rallies. Have you ever seen crowds more energized? This type of spontaneous support has never before been seen in America. Amazingly, the main stream media refuse to broadcast these massive rallies for fear of exposing their reviewers to Trump’s ability to connect to the American public. Liberals can’t afford exposing their base to unfiltered reality, or they might start believing their very own eyes.

But it’s there for all to see — Trump fits the macho Super Hero mold in so many ways. Look at the recent Guardians of the Universe movie. Many thought that cast of odd characters wouldn’t be acceptable — just like Trump’s initial critics.

Hey folks, it’s the not the looks and it’s not the words — but it’s the message and the results — and both delivered outstandingly. Trump doesn’t have the polished oratory abilities of a career politician — but who cares — neither do the Super Heroes. Whether saving the Universe or America, the Guardians and Trump are naturals. See ya at the movies.

John Shewchuk

Is a free lance contributing writer for local media in the North-Central part of Florida. He currently resides in The Villages.

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