Jan 2019 Events

Dear Villagers For Trump Readers,

Happy 2019! We hope you are enjoying our editorials posted periodically and checking our website for the latest happenings Villagers For Trump has planned for you. Just coming off the holiday break, we’re hitting the ground running with these January events:

We are still in search of a name for the Newsletter and some positions on the Communications staff are open as well as volunteers to serve on the Education¬† Committee.¬† Please CLICK HERE to see where you’d like to join the fun for some real satisfaction in helping to make a difference.

Feel free to join the conversation by using the Comments section near the bottom of our articles. (The webmaster moderates all comments to keep the evil trolls and hacker bots out, so be patient and your comments will be approved.)

A Very Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year in 2019

Let’s make it count going toward 2020!

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