The effects are heart breaking. Restaurant workers are being laid off everywhere. The few that even have jobs are having their hours cut drastically. It looks like they will not be receiving their stimulus checks for another two weeks (if at all).
Just think… If the remaining 75,000 people still left in the Villages donated $10.00 a piece, it would total $750,000.

The Villages Restaurant Workers Support Fund will accept donations until May 1, 2020. We started the fund 2 weeks ago and so far have raised almost $14000.00. Thank You to all who contributed but we fell way short of our goal. We can still help these people but we need your donation!

We are in the process of setting up an account to transfer the money into from the Go Fund Me account. We will distribute 100% of the monies donated to the laid off restaurant workers. I am planning on buying gift cards and having the restaurant managers distribute the cards to their most needy laid off hourly workers. I have been trying to find a way to buy the cards at a discount so that the donations go further. I spent three hours yesterday with Walmart and Sam’s club trying to buy gift cards with no luck. You can’t go into the store, you have to deal with corporate., what a nightmare!! We will be reaching out to restaurant managers to help us identify the employees that will receive the cards and with the distribution process. If you are one of the managers or an employee that can help connect me with a restaurant manager please contact me through the gofundme site. It’s not too late to help. Thank You and God Bless! Stan

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