For decades now, most mainstream media and many in government, academic institutions, corporations, and other information sources across the western world have been ignoring, “canceling” and smearing conservative points of view. This has been happening on many topics—international affairs, elections, the environment, COVID, freedom, and family values, being just a few examples.

This has resulted in public policy often entirely at odds with both reality and what conservatives, and at times many others, want their countries to be. Poll after poll reveals that huge fractions of the American population, for example, now feel that the United States is entirely on the wrong track. The survey released early in January by Gallup showed that only 17% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. It has been over 18 years, January 2004, since the last time Gallup showed that most Americans were happy with the direction of the country.

The result is easy to forecast. With hundreds of millions of people now thoroughly alienated and, at times, furious, with the cancel culture that has taken over most of our information sources and public policy formulation, protests like the Freedom Convoy 2022 demonstration in Ottawa, Canada will undoubtedly become more and more common. But the next protests may not be so peaceful. Even Canada’s truckers are, after all, Canadian.

There are, of course, many examples of censorship against conservative, or even non-partisan but politically-incorrect, points of view that our readers could cite and we encourage them to share their stories in the comment section after this article. Just last week, I (the junior author of this article) made the following comment after an article on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC, which receives over $1 billion from the Canadian government) website:

“The injection passports obviously make no sense since the Ontario stats for the past month have shown that the per capita rate of infection of the vaxxed is greater than the unvaxxed. If you don’t believe me, look it up.”

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