An Important article by two-service military veteran and author George McClellan…

Politically, we’re in a hell of a fix. What have we learned by ignoring the slow erosion of our Constitutional rights by the termites of National Socialism? Allow me to answer that for you… Nothing!

We have entered an unacceptable period of turmoil, where our news is by ‘tweets’ and comedy shows, and we’re filled with a daily flood of nonsense. News that comes to us in microbursts renders our retention span and decision-making skills to the quality of mere breakfast mush, with one disaster following another until the little grey cells are overloaded and we turn everything off. 

When do we have an opportunity to take a breath, reflect for a few moments on the vital lessons we are being taught, and take note that the rewards of liberty we grew up with and now take for granted may soon be swept away by politicians who want, without our consent, a One World Government⏤with them in charge so they can make more profits from more junk made in China?

Nike, Disney, Hollywood, NBA, NFL, Coca Cola Joe Biden and company, and many, many more American commercial enterprises are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the Chinese Communist Party. Where is our America?

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