After months of theatrics, House Democrats on Friday passed President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending plan. No Democrat who voted for this radical legislation should be considered a “moderate.”

Substantively, the bill represents a sweeping expansion of the welfare state by creating a slew of new federal programs. It would expand Obamacare. It would initiate a government takeover of pre-K and child care. And it would add hearing benefits to Medicare when the program cannot even support its current obligations. In an effort to reward political supporters, the bill limits tax credits on electric vehicles only to those built with union labor.

The so-called moderate Democrats held out to see a CBO score and to get more fiscal analysis, but evidently did not care what it showed. What the available analysis does show is that the bill does not live up to the many promises that Biden made for months in selling it. He claimed that it would be fully paid for, but the Congressional Budget Office says that it adds $160 billion to deficits. He promised that nobody earning under $400,000 would see their taxes raised by “a penny,” and yet a Tax Policy Center analysis found, “roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022.”

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