In the 1970’s, I used to watch “The Streets of San Francisco” on T-V starring, Karl Malden, Michael Douglas and Richard Hatch. I believe it was one of the best crime drama shows on television and I could not wait to watch every episode. But that was a television show and now the reality is:


San Francisco’s Tenderloin area is a crime-infested part of the city where hypodermic needles can be found discarded, homeless people sleeping on the streets, petty crime, human feces, drugs and sex trafficking. Lawlessness abounds.


Recently, a crackdown netted 32 arrests ranging from drug dealing to prostitution. This area is home to City Hall and several federal office buildings and is just minutes from tourist-heavy Union Square. Permissiveness rules the day and city officials are not sure of what to do about it, largely because San Francisco is a sanctuary city and does not cooperate with federal agencies when the culprits are illegal aliens.


According to the FBI, Honduran nationals regularly go to the Tenderloin area to sell drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth and fentanyl). They also offer free drugs to the homeless in exchange for being look-outs. Residents are fed up and want law enforcement to intervene. “They are shooting up right in front of us” they complain. FBI crime data shows the Tenderloin to be the most dangerous place to be even during daytime. Tread carefully.


But those complaints fall on deaf ears. Today, the rest of the story:


The Tenderloin is part of Nancy Pelosi’s district, the 12th congressional district. She has been re-elected four times and she has done nothing for the city. Let’s not forget Senator Dianne Feinstein who has been a senator for 27 years, Senator Kamala Harris, and Governor Gavin Newsom, all Democrats and all tone deaf to the problems of this city. Why they keep getting elected is just beyond comprehension.


Now for the latest news: The San Francisco board of supervisors (all Democrats) overwhelmingly voted to classify the National Rifle Association as a domestic terrorist organization. In their resolution, they mentioned the Constitution several times without mentioning the second amendment. Do they know that the second amendment is in the Constitution? Also, how many Democrats are NRA members?

It is just sheer lunacy that this beautiful city has fallen by the wayside because the Democratic leadership has completely abandoned their constituents and their mandate to keep their city safe. They decided that illegal aliens deserve to be protected from prosecution by ICE more than their own citizens deserve protection from illegal alien criminals. Their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not on their agenda

– Tony Garcia