Nov. 20, our donation portal will be available through Friday, Nov. 20 for all of us to dig deep once more to support the January 5th runoff election of two Trump supporters to retain their Senate seats for the deciding votes to control the U.S. Senate.
We invite all GOP and Trump Supporters in The Villages to join us in fundraising to help re-elect Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to continue their o support of the Trump Agenda in what we expect will be President Trump’s 2nd Term in office. Should the unexpected occur, the Senate votes will keep Biden’s proposed agenda in check:
Mask and lockdown mandates, raise taxes; re-join WHO, Iran deal, Paris Climate Accord, curtail industrial and GDP growth for U.S. to reach 30% gas emissions reduction but sacrificing jobs and economic decline – supporting China’s ascent and globalization .

Highlights of the Georgia Senate races:
Both parties are expected to spend tens of millions of dollars and dispatch big-name surrogates to get out the vote.
“This is literally the showdown of all showdowns,” FL Sen. Rubio has said. “This is Georgia’s decision to make.  But it’s America that will live with the consequences.
Re: Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler VS Democrat Raphael Warnock:

1. There’s never been a Black candidate in a Senate runoff which could help keep turnout high among the Democratic base.
2. The average of polls showed about a 7 point lead for Democrat Raphael Warnock over appointed Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler – she needs a big boost!

Re: Republican Sen. David Perdue VS Democrat Jon Ossoff:

1. Democrats need to win this race AND the Loeffler Warnock race to control the Senate, with the deciding vote to be cast by Vice-President Harris IF Biden prevails in the presidential final tally.
2. Sen. Perdue was barely ahead of Ossoff in the General Election, but Republicans have historically done better in special elections of all types.  With so much at stake, we can’t rest on laurels of the past.