Short Film – Paul Harvey

Truer prophetic words have never been spoken about America.

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  1. Absolutely awesome! I have mixed feelings – a warm heart for a great patriot, Paul Harvey & also sadness for what our country has become & continues to move toward!

  2. I am so impressed with the wisdom of Paul Harvey in his foresight from the study of history. Fighting the “Good Fight” is now more important than ever. I am so grateful for the Villagers for Trump and enjoyed the golf cart parade last week as well as the Trump Unity Bridge. It was awesome. Thank you Villagers for Trump for all you do.

    Michael Murrell, Psy. D.
    Licensed Psychologist

  3. This message is so right. We are being taxed right out of jobs. Some people get more free money than those who have to work for it.

  4. Too true, sadness for our Country, our Government is ruining us. President Trump is trying his best to stop this insanity, however he seems to be facing the challenge on his own, not many have the guts to stand beside him what a pity for us, so many too blind and ignorant to see beyond their own egos, to help save this beautiful Country, I for one am so sadden by this prophecy.

    I am a proud American.

  5. Hydrostan
    Yes —- “God Help U.S.” -Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven —
    “Help us EARN our daily bread!and forgive us —-etc.

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