Police, Power, and Politics.

Did the Department of Justice FBI raid on the former president signal a threat to the Constitution?

Politics has always played a role in law enforcement, but the unprecedented service of a search warrant on a former President of the United States may have signaled a significant threat to the Constitution of our nation. Special guest Lt. Dave Smith, a law enforcement expert, and trainer, holds nothing back in his assessment of the overreach by the United States Department of Justice and the federal bureau of investigation as he analyzes the moves made by the Biden administration and their utilization of America’s premiere law enforcement agency against a political opponent.

In a jaw-dropping interview with show host, Randy Sutton, the historical context of this move plus the militarization of the Internal Revenue Service reveal a very dark and a power-play by one political party even as the national media ignores the Biden administration’s unprecedented attack on who they view as political opponents.

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