Pastor Robert Sutton, Florida Capital Connection:

I just received a phone call from a legislator very concerned HB 235 would die in committee unless Speaker Jose Olivia moves it forward. There is a good chance if it is not moved to committee this week that it will die. This bill prohibits the termination of a pregnancy when a fetal heartbeat is detected. This bill has the most sponsors in both the House and the Senate of any bill that is being heard this session.

With other states passing similar bills, it is vitally important that Florida be one of those states.

Please take a minute and call the Speakers office and ask that HB 235 be allowed to go to committee. We believe once it is heard in committee, it will pass quickly in both houses, and Governor DeSantis has indicated that he will sign it!  During his State of the State address when he mentioned that he was for protecting the life of the unborn, he received the longest applause of any other issue. Please call the Speaker’s office as soon as possible.  (850) 717-5110

For God and Country,
Pastor Robert Sutton
Florida Capital Connection

Bottom line:  If the heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected

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