The Glorification of Donald Trump

2018 September 25

I am flattered that some believe I glorify Trump.  However, I’m just a plain old deplorable who is thrilled to have a president who supports American values and conservative principles.  But when it comes to defining presidential glory, others do it best.

For example, President Truman, who championed the Democrat Progressive movement, once said, “All the president is, is a “glorified public relations man” who spends his time flattering, kissing, and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway.”

Imagine that, Trump is actually acting presidential. More recently, pop-culture has taken presidential glory to a whole new level when Kanye West said of his friend Donald, “We are both dragon energy.  He is my brother.”

This is spiritually significant, since Chinese culture believes dragons emanate from divine energy and are symbolic of being lucky, powerful, and noble. But the glory trail doesn’t stop there. The ultimate compliment in hero worship comes from liberal mogul Michael Moore. Michael Moore, bless his heart, glorifies the Trump presidency by suggesting Trump be his last president. Assuming Michael Moore lives many more years, Congress will have to extend term limits for President Trump.

John Shewchuk

Is a free lance contributing writer for local media in the North-Central part of Florida. He currently resides in The Villages.

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