I’m going to say something that is going to be both controversial, and also incontrovertibly true. If you don’t like red pill moments, move on now, because once you see what I see, you will never be able to unsee it. This one incontrovertible fact will have a huge impact on how you view not just your own political views, but politics in general.

Let me start with a definition. The American Heritage Dictionary defines ‘terrorism’ as follows: “The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.”

Consider our government’s handling of Covid-19. Our government-funded the gain of function research that caused the pandemic, prevented early treatment (and lied about its effectiveness), sent elderly people who had Covid-19 back to nursing homes where they could infect other elderly people, shuttered businesses, enforced mask mandates (which they knew were ineffective), mandated vaccinations (and millions of Americans who did not want to be vaccinated are now out of work) even after the dominant variant was one that the vaccines were ineffective against, continued the pandemic after it became endemic (and continues to extend it), and took other steps they knew would not work to supposedly slow the spread of the disease. Some very knowledgeable people, such as America Out Loud’s own Dr. Peter McCullough, estimates that had our government allowed early treatment, we could have saved half the people who died, which means that our government caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans – almost as many as died in the Civil War – for political gain.

Many of our state governments used Covid-19 as an excuse to illegally change how elections are done – in direct conflict with both state and federal law. Time Magazine largely credits these changes (along with censorship in the media and on big tech) with Joe Biden winning the election. In the words of Time Magazine, the election was decided by ‘a well-funded cabal.’

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