Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Stewart Tankersley-

A real emergency is happening in our midst. A five-alarm fire that should summon all the authorities to the scene. It puts at risk the health of the vulnerable and involves COVID-19. However, it is being perpetrated by the very leaders our society looked to at the outset of this crisis for answers, the bureaucratic experts. The emergency is that the Pharma industry and administrative agencies, like the FDA, CDC, and HHS, are preying on the health and well-being of our youngest citizens.

Using the veil of a crisis, these predators have chosen to target our children with a treatment that is neither needed nor safe. Ignoring the obvious and even resorting to using data and statistics in their meetings that have now been proven to be incorrect, they march ahead to deliver the promised panacea to their converts. Sacrificing societies’ trust and their own credibility throughout the last two years, these agencies continue to serve the ends for politicians and media elites by any means available. 

First, we must demand an end to any continuation of this ‘emergency’ and demand our representatives and agencies to return to normal order, especially when considering the welfare of our youngest and vulnerable. Second, demand evaluation of all things approved under this emergency with original rigor and scrutiny. Removing things hastily approved from the market and updating recommendations demanding the pharmaceutical industry to further study and test interventions and do proper pharmacovigilance. Finally, we must demand our representatives’ review and update any legislation that allows the usage of emergencies in perpetuity and must demand restrictions on the powers available to the unelected during these periods

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