The Stakes For November’s Election Just Got Higher.

Friends and Fellow Republicans and Conservatives,

Florida Supreme Court Justice Appointments Will Go to Your Newly Elected Governor – a reason to work harder than ever to work hard to get Ron DeSantis elected Governor of Florida.”



The stakes for November’s election just got higher. The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the next governor of Florida will be responsible for filling three vacancies on the Florida Supreme Court.

With a 4-3 majority currently, the liberals have owned the Florida Supreme Court for decades. Now, THREE of the liberal Justices are facing mandatory retirement and either Ron DeSantis or Andrew Gillum will replace them.

The choice for this election is clearer than ever. Andrew Gillum would appoint radical, activist justices who would legislate from the bench and work to eliminate school choice, erode pro-life principles and impose big-government ideology on our state. Ron DeSantis is an attorney, Iraq veteran and former Navy JAG officer who knows the importance of appointing strong constitutionalists to the bench.

Over the past eight years, our state has been lucky to have a strong leader like Governor Rick Scott who has has fought against radical judicial activism. We must continue the fight.

Here’s how you can help in two easy steps:

* Step 1: Forward this email to everyone you know.

* Step 2: Tell everyone you know to get out and vote!


Blaise Ingoglia

Chairman, Republican Party of Florida

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  1. Remember, your VOTE really DOES MATTER. We need to make sure we send out a clear message, we need people to get out and vote.

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