You’re thirty thousand feet above the ground flying over Germany, it’s bone chilling cold, there is no heat, as you await what’s coming. All you can hear is the four engines roaring, when suddenly over your headset comes, “fighters at 3 o’clock.” Fifty caliber bullets, the size of a cigar come ripping through the fuselage all around you. You attempt to focus on a small dark object flying toward you at 300 miles per hour, and zero in on it with your own fifty caliber machine gun. You have your cross-hairs on a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter plane, and are hammering away with your fifty-cal. Before you can take him out, you hear a scream from behind you. Your buddy on the other side of the plane, who’s firing at another fighter on his side of the plane, is hit by a bullet. In horror you realize that half his right arm has been shot off, he’s quickly bleeding to death. You must turn back to your own target before he shoots your B-17 bomber down, and all on board die. You are only 20 years old….

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