After the election, I posted a well-reasoned piece, “Life after Trump,” which concluded that because Trump-backed candidates fared worse than Republican governors in Georgia, New Hampshire and Ohio, that Trump cannot win the purple states (although Ohio is red).

I stand behind that post because I am obstinate and no pundit likes to publicly admit he is wrong.

But I was wrong.

He will win and he will win big because Americans are fed up with both parties now.
62 million voted for him in 2016.
75 million voted for him in 2020.

90 million will vote for him in 2024. And this time, Trump supporters will vote early and harvest ballots like a John Deere.

Post-election, Republicans in DC have shown they no longer are worthy of my support.

12 Republican senators — including West Virginia’s Shelly Moore Capito — voted to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which will force Christian bakers to make wedding cakes or face jail and bankruptcy.

The Dirty Dozen showed they are not RINOs. They are Democrats who vote for tax cuts.

But wait. There’s more….