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Update: If you wish to sit with other Trumpers from our club, choose center-most (50 yd. line) Section 228B, row 9, 10, 11 seats 22-27 and 12 seats 22-25. Or Section 228A or even 228C. It appears the best available seats pop up and these fill up as time goes on. Sign up SOON!

Half of $25 tickets for Hula Bowl (purchased through Cornerstone Payment Systems) will benefit Villagers For Trump:

– Helps us pay our daily overhead for website administration, on-line fees/expenses, and for every e-blasted communications re education and legislation to lobby the politicos we elect and hold accountable

– Helps us pay for monthly rallies – the venue rent of space, equipment, and speakers’ expenses, and our donations to support their conservative organization’s activities that help elect candidates and promote politically conservative activities

– Helps us pay for candidate promotional items for distribution and also for re-sale profits with your donations

– Helps us pay for bookkeeping services and any ads in on-line or print media

– Helps us re-pay a loan that has kept VFT operating to cover shortfalls

So please suggest to friends and family who may enjoy the Hula Bowl AND help our conservative causes and events by sharing this opportunity and forwarding the attachment with the link to buy Hula Bowl tickets where we will reap 50% of the $25 price.

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