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Throughout the world, individual liberties and freedom are being lost as authoritarianism rises. Learn what’s at stake and how to live in these unprecedented times so you can be conversant with family and friends who are not up to date like you will be with this seminar. It’s worth your time and effort to make this a priority. INVITE FRIENDS!

  • Register now to hear from prominent experts and leading voices on the impact of authoritarianism. https://www.regent.edu/misc/globalism/
  • Registered attendees have first priority seating. Walk-ins welcome as seats available.

There will be breaks between speakers, time for brief discussion and a Q&A will follow speaker presentations. Please check out this list of presenters— a “Who’s Who” of Conservatives!

* Host and Moderator Hon. Michelle Bachmann, Dean of Regent University’s Robertson School of Government.

* Historian William Federer – The rise and history of socialism, fascism and communism. Learn how government Authoritarianism removes the authority of individuals and gives it to a centralized government. (12:00 – 1:00 PM)

* Investigative Reporter Leo Hohmann and American Scholar Dr. Michael Rectenwald – Explains World Economic Forum (WEF – “The Global Elite” – Bill Gates, George Soros, etc.) (1:00 – 2:30 PM)

* Senator Rand Paul – The rise of medical global authoritarianism in the United States. (2:30 – 2:45 PM)

* Journalists of The Gateway Pundit Jim and Joe Hoft – Will document examples of the rise of authoritarianism over the past two years. (2:45 – 3:45 PM)

* Biblical Prophecy Expert Dr. Ed Hindson – What does the Bible say about the rise of global authoritarianism and governance? Parallels Scripture to the events occurring in our world today and global governance. (3:45 – 5:00 PM)

NOTE: Delicious drinks and café snacks available for purchase by our local hosts, Matt and Jessica, owners of The Standard Coffee Shop, who are providing this location and equipment gratis.

This is a virtual conference that we are gathering to watch at The Standard Coffee Shop, 1552 Bella Cruz Dr., Lady Lake, FL 32159, north of the hospital in the plaza with Publix. Reply to [email protected] as to how many in your party will be attending to give us an idea of expected numbers.

Plan B: Your party meets in your home to watch. The zoom address will be published when available.

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