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Joseph J. Flynn, President of The America Project is a serial Healthcare IT entrepreneur. He is also the youngest of Lt Gen ( R ) Michael T. Flynn 8 siblings. For the past 3 and a half years has been co-Trustee and Official Spokesperson for the Mike Flynn Legal Defense Fund which he co-founded with his sister Ms. Barbara Redgate Flynn. For the past 20 years, Mr. Flynn has served as founder and CEO of two Southern California based successful Healthcare IT Services startups. One of those companies, Auxilio (AUXO) he brought from zero revenue to a NYSE listing in Jan of 2017. The second Vereco, Inc., he successfully sold to a NY based private equity group in November of 2018. Mr. Flynn is current CEO of Global Telehealth Services, a Cleveland, OH based telehealth startup which he joined in July of 2020. He is also on the Board of two other technology related startups. Prior to his healthcare IT career, he spent 10 years in the International Exhibition Industry where he managed and acquired numerous large technology trade shows particularly in Latin America and Spain. Mr. Flynn is a 1987 graduate of the Catholic University of America with a BA in International Relations. He is fluent in Spanish and has working knowledge of Portuguese and French. After 21 years in Orange County, CA, Mr. Flynn and his wife Valerie recently relocated to Sarasota County, FL. The couple has two adult daughters.

Ken Mayo is a political veteran with over 30 years experience in local, state and national political campaigns. In 2016, Mayo served as Florida Director of Field Operations for Donald J. Trump’s primary Presidential campaign. Co-author of the campaign plan, Ken hired the operations team and was responsible for field logistics for the state of Florida. Prior to this, Ken has held multiple leadership roles in both state and national projects ranging from National Director of Coalitions for the Convention of States Project and Project Coordinator for the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a national trade organization made up of domestic manufacturers, farmers and labor groups. Ken was asked to organize and coordinate grassroots Tea Party organizations across the US to defeat the Transpacific Partnership agreement.

Lori Martin Gregory is the CEO of Wakefield Media Group and is Co Producer with Andy Wakefield of the film 1986: The Act. She has an extensive background as a business consultant and strategist, specializing in science, healthcare, entertainment and policy making. She holds multiple degrees including an MBA from Boston University. Lori is passionate about truth in science and public policy, and just completed her first campaign in a run for public office. Under her leadership, Wakefield Media Group released its debut feature film, “1986 The Act”, in 2020, “Infertility:A Diabolical Agenda” in June 2022 and has several additional full length feature films in the pipeline, including a corporate thriller with an allstar hollywood cast & crew which is currently set to begin filming in the next month

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