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Thurs., Sept. 1 at Eisenhower Rec Ctr –

Doors open 5:45 PM, Program 6:15 PM.

Free admission but donations accepted.

Campaign signs (DeSantis, etc.) available

Light refreshments.

Kris Jurski is a Florida resident and businessman, who has mounted a very successful crusade against voter fraud in his home state. Because of the time necessary to produce results, he has had to put aside his income-earning business, Vital Catalyst, LLC, and work full-time uncovering the machinery behind our stolen elections.

Karen Jaroch wil be discussing ESG- Environmental, Social, and Governance and it explains why corporations are going “woke” and weighing in on political debates. ESG scoring is a tool the progressive left is using to impose their political and cultural preferences on the world while using your money and retirement nest egg to pay for it and your grandchildren’s freedom to sustain it. It is a perverse form of “woke capitalism” to usher in the new Green Deal and Social Justice initiatives.

Heritage Action has been working with lawmakers and Governor DeSantis’s office on legislation to counter ESG and we hope to bring in an effective grassroots engagement as this fight comes to the forefront next session. That’s why education early is crucial. YOU will be on the cutting edge to learn about this so be sure to mark your calendars – you don’t want to miss this presentation and learn how we can get in the fight!

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