Trump Makes It Official In Florida!

    President Trump, as usual, captivated and energized the crowd. One of his most memorable moments was when he pointed to the crowd and said, “In four years, we created a movement”.  That was a stunning statement coming from our President Trump. Over and over again, he used the term “we” when describing what took place over the last 3 years. It was a great message of leadership and unity. President Trump includes “We the people” in his governance. And “We the people” have responded. “We” created a MOVEMENT! We must advance our MOVEMENT to 2020 and beyond.
We stood for hours waiting to get into the arena. (Actually, full disclosure, Paul Ulrich found a great bar right down the street from Amway, and we spent the better part of the afternoon there). 
We talked to like-minded people throughout the day. We discussed the upcoming election and we networked. We saw many friends, Trump Club members, and Federated Women from around the state. We had the opportunity to speak to some of the Trump campaign people who shared their strategy for 2020.  The Trump team is building a strong grassroots effort in Florida and working closely with all GOP groups to win big in 2020. It will take all of us working together for Republicans to keep the White House, the Senate, and win back the House. 
Trump’s campaign is working to gather phone numbers and contact information of Trump supporters. This means we will have accurate lists and data! Florida is a major focus for 2020.The emphasis is: social media (to circumvent Fake News), data targeting, and good old fashioned grassroots work such as telephone calling, coffee hours and door to door where possible. Training and supporting candidates from the “School House to The White House”, is the key to success.
Trump needs ALL HANDS ON DECK for 2020!
Attached are pictures from this wonderful event. We were all honored to represent RFWTV. President Trump polled the crowd on the best slogan for 2020. The choices were MAGA or 
Marina Woolcock, President RFWTV
Roberta Ulrich, Rapid Response Chair
Edna Santana Wales, Corresponding Secretary
 Thank you to everyone who watched on TV and held Watch Parties. It really was a great Republican night!  

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  1. Thank Marina for the beautiful pictures that serve as an inspiration for all to be involved. All hands on deck. God bless you!

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