Trump Puts the UN on Notice

It was a great day for America as President Trump hosted the recent UN meetings. He proudly touted his accomplishments both at home and abroad. He told them that socialism and communism were failures and national sovereignty is again in vogue. But what of the hoopla about laughter from some attendees? Hey folks, don’t let the liberal psycho-babble corrupt your common sense. That was not just laughter… it was nervous laughter. The same unexpected nervous chatter was heard during Trump’s recent NATO summit visit. Remember how that went down? They all chuckled at Trump’s threat to pull funding and refocus priorities – until they realized that Trump really means exactly what he says. NATO members no longer snicker, and are now more united and more responsible in the fight against common global threats. And now Trump turns his attention to those delinquent UN members. Just watch. Not only will they begin paying their fair share, but they will also soon realize their attendance requires responsible participation – like North Korea.

John Shewchuk

Is a free lance contributing writer for local media in the North-Central part of Florida. He currently resides in The Villages.


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