October 7th Rally Featuring Brig. General Tim Sullivan at the Eisenhower Rec Center-

August 9th Rally Featuring Dr. James Taylor & Lily Tang Williams at the Eisenhower Rec Center-

*** Due to technical difficulties with the audio equipment at the rec center, there is hum in the audio of this presentation ***

July 12 Rally Featuring Don Buckner and Rosemary Gibson at the Laurel Manor Rec Center-

June 7 Rally Featuring Pastors Paul Blair and Dan Fisher at the Colony Cottage Rec Center-

May 18 Rally Featuring Charlie Kirk at the Wildwood Community Center-

May 6 Rally with Katie Hopkins at Colony Cottage Rec Center-

April 5 Rally with Trevor Loudon at the Wildwood Community Center

Feb 9 Rally with Dr. Lee Merritt at La Hacienda Rec Center