View of Dust-Up Between President and Chief Justice

View of Dust-Up Between President and Chief Justice

by Steven Norflus

Wednesday we saw a dust-up between President Trump and Chief Justice Roberts over the President’s criticism of a ninth circuit court judge.  This lack of understanding of the left places the country in jeopardy.

For what seems like an eternity the right cannot or will not wrap their heads around the fact that the left plays dirty.  Since they have put themselves atop the moral high ground (they do it because no one else will) they get to play without the benefit of playing by the rules.  The left are the most deceitful, dishonest, and diabolical foe imaginable.  (See the election results in Arizona and California if you need proof.)

The right has always thought that because they play by the rules they can convince the left that they should, too.  How has that worked for us?  Because we are the moral and ethical players here we won’t get down and dirty with them.  Then came Trump.  Trump is a combination of Will Kane from “High Noon” and Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry”.  In either case he is here to clean up the mess.

We need Trump because he is the only person on the right with the guts and the will to fight back as he does each time he tweets.  Justice Roberts in his comments that there are no Obama judges or Bush judges demonstrates the right’s inability to recognize the real threat the left poses.  Because he is a moral and ethical man he can’t see the evil in his profession posed by the left.

You can bet that when Obama nominated this judge he knew the parameters of his appointment and is now making payment on that debt.  The left expects and demands unfettered allegiance and adherence to their ideology while the right adheres to their religious tenets.  Love him or hate him in today’s world we can’t win this battle without a man like President Trump.



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