Members of Villagers for Trump were among the thousands on Sunday who packed the Amway Center in Orlando to see the 45th president, who is openly flirting with running again.

Former President Trump took the stage with former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. The pair have embarked on a nationwide tour together.

Widespread media reports suggested ticket sales have been sluggish. However, that did not appear to be the case Sunday in Orlando.

Henrietta Amey of the Village of Caroline was among those who went to see Trump in Orlando.

“It’s a very electrifying event and Trump should do more of these events,” Amey said in an interview from the Amway Center. “The size of the crowd is unbelievable.”

Amey, one of the earliest members of Villagers for Trump, said there were people in the area near her seat who had paid $250 for their tickets.

Despite suggestions of a growing rivalry between Trump and a possible 2024 GOP presidential candidate, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Amey reported that Trump had kind words for the Florida governor. Trump, who endorsed DeSantis in his 2018 run for governor, expressed affection for DeSantis. When Trump went so far as to suggest that DeSantis might be a 2024 running mate, the “crowd went wild,” Amey said.

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