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From our Villagers For Trump website reader Barry Beck:

The message about drugs coming across border is not relevant to many parents, since they believe their children would never do drugs. How wrong they are!   BUT….

A message about those illegals crossing our southern border is about the diseases they carry, since it is likely they were never vaccinated 10 days after being born, and still continues to this day. Now that will get people’s attention!

Picture a large group of U.S. citizens getting sick, not realizing it came from the illegals crossing the southern border. Now that would get people’s attention, especially Women.

The last Caravan… reported the number of those illegals with sickness, got worse after thousands of miles in close quarters, in the heat, with measles, diphtheria, intestinal diseases, there is another reason for the WALL that will get people’s attention!

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    What part of “illegal alien” is not clear? The open society folks can pound sand! Maybe all who contract a disease from the border crashers should mount a class action suit? Can’t sue the government but we can sue all who support open border?

  2. You cannot drive a truck loaded with drugs or human cargo, over a wall.
    Support Brian Kolfage’s effort to build walls on private property. 350,000 people have contributed $20 million. This supplements the Presidents efforts. Paula & I will be attending their build the wall rally, next Tuesday in Cincinnati. See http://www.webuildthewall.us click on town hall link.
    Tom & Paula Hackert, Whitestone, NY

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