What is Happening in America


2018 October 19

Basically what is happening in America has been going on for decades now. The only difference is we have a President who is fighting against it. The main difference is now it has been exposed, the push for Socialism and open borders are all part of the One World Government OWG).

The left has been on a crusade to have America join the (OWG) movement. They have control of our educational system, which no longer teaches youth the basics of our government, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the intent of the Founding Fathers. They have distorted our history to the point that a majority of our youth no longer has a sense of being American.

Most countries are on board with this OWG concept; the only opposition to this has been America. The hatred for President Trump is his America First pledge, he is against the OWG. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is real. Nelson Rockefeller even admitted it. He felt (as does the Left) that a OWG controlled by the World Banking System is the future of this planet.

A vast majority of the protestors including Antifa, etc., you see are backed and financed by the Left, George Soros to name one, Google his name. The Left finances the immigrant marches. Where do you think these people are getting the money for transportation, housing, and food during these “marches” it’s all funded by the Left to create conflict and division in America.

The Democrats have finally come out and are openly supporting Socialism and open borders, the Kavanaugh hearing showed their total disregard for due process and the rule of law. Make no mistake; this is a movement to do away with America, as we know it. You may find it hard to believe but the overthrow of our American government and way of life are in full force. The fact that you find this hard to believe is what they are counting on.

It is critical that the Democrats DO NOT regain control of our government. We have no option but to vote Republican in these elections, it is critical that we do so. Just look at what they say, how they act, promoting violence in our society.

Talk with your family, friends, research what I have expressed, get the facts and make up your own mind… and VOTE.

Frank D. Lovell

Republican Executive Committee of Citrus County Precinct 202

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