What is happening in America?

What is happening in America?

It is critical that we understand what has been going on behind the scenes in America for decades now. There is an attempt by the left to do away with America as we know it, however don’t be misled its not only Democrats, some Republicans support this as well. Years ago Vice President Nelson Rockefeller even admitted he supports OWG. Lets define what we are up against:

A globalist is someone who believes that ultimately all borders and nations should be dissolved, resulting in one single world government. The motivations behind this ideology can be categorized into political and economic motivations. One World government (OWG) or global government is the notion of a common political authority for all of humanity, yielding a global government and a single state that exercises authority over the entire Earth.

One of the first steps was to organize the educational system to reeducate our youth. It was critical to do away with the “one nation under God” concept, to stress capitalism as evil and socialism as good. To stress America is a racist nation of the wealthy not all the people. Sadly, they have accomplished this with the present generation; ask a youth what they think about America, look who is protesting in the streets. Secondly they control the media, facts are distorted or not reported at all, you are only told what they want you to know.

Why has Congress failed to secure our border? Remember OWG has no borders. Democrats are now openly supporting socialism. Research socialist countries and see if there is one you would want to live in, historically it is a failed system that leads to dictatorship. Why do Democrats want big government and offer people “free stuff”? Those are all foundations of socialism; government control over peoples lives in return for “free stuff” all you have to do is give up your freedoms.

Now enters Trump who pledges America first, secure borders, drain the swamp, fair trade, confronts NATO and the UN (which support OWG), all which is a battle cry against OWG. Trump is a Nationalist, meaning he believes in America. That is why the Left hate him; he is a threat to their agenda, the only President to ever confront them so they must attack him and those around him at all costs.

Don’t take my word, research it and vote accordingly.

Frank D. Lovell Republican Executive Committee of Citrus County Precinct 202

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