Who Is This Guy Trump?


2018 October 24

Don’t take my word for this look up the facts regarding this guy called Trump, who happens to be our President.

For decades Trump was a media darling, they couldn’t get enough of him, in the news, on talk shows….they loved him. Oprah asked him if he would ever run for political office. He thought, then stated only if I felt the country was in severe trouble. For years he had spoken out against unfair policies, stalemated wars, America being abused by the United Nations, the condition of our inner cities.

He received numerous awards from Hollywood, even got a sidewalk star. The NAACP gave him awards for his work involving Black Americans. They all loved him; he could do no wrong and was in great demand. Then came the Presidential primaries.

He went against sixteen of the republican elite, and beat them all. The Republican party was in panic, they didn’t want him. He threatened to leave and run as an Independent however by that time it was obvious he had acquired vast support in the country and they were forced to accept him as their Presidential candidate.

Then he was up against the most powerful Democrat in the country, Hillary Clinton. The media attacked him, how he didn’t have a chance, it was a circus, a joke, Clinton was going to crush him. Then the results came in, state by state, and then the shock was obvious, this clown had won the Presidency. The people wanted Donald Trump as their President and the Democrats and the Left are still in shock, still haven’t gotten over it, will never accept it. Now they call him a racist, against women, gays, and just about everything else one could think of.

Then what happened? Isis was destroyed, He cut regulations and the economy healed itself and showed what Capitalism can accomplish. Imposed a tax cut so corporations would prosper and in turn Americans would prosper. He got rid of bad trade deals and forced NATO members to pay up; he was forced to sign a bad economic bill so the military would become strong again. He took care of our veterans and so much more I am unable to list them all here.

So have you ever wondered just why the Left hates him? It couldn’t have anything to do with the swamp could it? What is best for you and this country, keep this in mind when you vote.

Frank D. Lovell

Republican Executive Committee of Citrus County Precinct 202

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