Almost exactly two years since the Iranian regime brutally put down the “Bloody Aban” mass protests, the mullahs are at it again—this time targeting the people of Isfahan, who have the temerity to demand clean drinking water.

The Isfahan protests expose one of the regime’s key failings, which has been the systematic degradation of Iran’s environment. This egregious mismanagement

has left some 97 percent of Iranians without sufficient water, and the shortage is particularly acute in the agricultural zone of central Iran. The regime tolerated some earlier, smaller demonstrations. Yesterday, however, a larger protest, which had broad popular support and started to spill over to the rest of the country, triggered the regime to deploy its Chinese-imported oppression apparatus to crush it.  One standard tool in this grim toolbox is to cut off the state-run Internet to hide Tehran’s crimes from the world and disable the protestors, although a few searing images of defenseless innocents being brutalized by the basij, or regime paramilitary forces, have trickled out.

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